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Connect with us!

At Renewed Life Church we believe that there is more to the Christian life than attending church on a Sunday Morning. We want families to connect and experience Kingdom Life to the max!

To experience this way of life, Renewed Life offers various ministries that will enrich and empower your daily walk with Christ forever.

Small Groups

RLC small groups are for all ages. From teenagers to the golden years, we have a group for you!

Women's Ministry

Renewed Women's Ministry meets once a month in different locations throughout the city. 

Volunteer Groups

If you would like to help us advance in the Kingdom, please sign up for one of our open opportunities in the Creative Team, Kids Ministry, RYM- Youth & Young Adults, and Small group team

Kid's Ministry

From age 1 through the preteen years, Renewed Kids Ministry teaches children how wonderfully complex and special God made each one of them. They will learn the importance of knowing and acknowledging the Lord in their lives.

RYM- Youth & Young Adults

Renewed Youth and Young Adults Ministry- RYM, is for High School Students and Young Adults. We meet Wednesday (H.S. Students ) and Friday (Young Adults). 

Pastoral Support

At RLC, our team of Pastor's offer support for any crisis or situation you might be facing. Even just to meet up and share a cup of coffee. Reach out and connect with us! 

Small group
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