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Detours: The Promotion of Detours

Where there is anything that is meant to harm you, God can protect you in it and promote you because of it.

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Detours: The Pardon of Detours

We will never move forward from our detours if we refuse to forgive.

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Detours: The Patience of Detours

When you have to wait on God, don’t quit. Keep going, listening for His guidance along the way because He knows where your detour is headed and how to link it to your future path

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Detours: The Proof of Detours

There are ways we can know we are on a God-ordained detour, being guided by God toward the fulfillment of His purpose in our lives.

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Detours: The Purpose of Detours

God uses testings, trainings, temptations, and the detours that come along with them to take you to your


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Jesus > Religion: Community greater than Conformity

You were created for community—to be in the diverse family of God.

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Jesus > Religion: Worship greater than Ritual

Because worship is a natural affection of your heart, everyone, whether they realize it or not, is worshipping something. The question is, to what are you giving your affections?

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Jesus > Religion: Covenant greater than Contract

A covenant is about the promise, not the behavior. A contract is about the behavior, not the promise.

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Jesus > Religion: Giver greater than Gift

No matter what, Jesus is the one thing that can’t be taken away.

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Jesus > Religion: Love greater than self

When you’re plugged into God’s love, you will in turn love others.

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Jesus > Religion: Jesus Greater than Religion

Christianity is radically different from all other world religions.

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